The Clear winner

The Octagon 20 Eco Incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator using the same tough and insulated cabinet as the Octagon 20 Advance coupled to a simple proven electronic temperature control to give reliable hatching results of a wide range of species with minimum fuss.

Economic to buy, simple to use:

  • Highly accurate proportional band temperature control
  • Temperature factory preset at 99.5F with easy tamper-proof adjustment
  • Flashing temperature indicator and conventional but accurate liquid in glass thermometer
  • Fresh air controlled with a vent slider and humidity provided by water in tow reservoirs in the base
  • Good visibility of the eggs
  • Robust hygienic ABS construction for easy cleansing
  • Insulated cabinet for low energy use and optimal temperature distribution
  • 24 eggs capacity but suitable for a wide range of egg sizes (adjustable dividers)
  • 2-year warranty


All Brinsea incubators are fully guaranteed and will be repaired or replaced if a fault should arise within the guarantee period (See terms of guarantee).

It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with an independent temperature alarm system if eggs of significant value are to incubated.

In for that we can continue our policy of innovation and improvement; we reserve the right to alter specification details without notice.

For automatic hourly egg turning see the Octagon 20 Eco Auto turn cradle.

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