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More than a year ago I discovered that a school in our district hatched duck eggs. That’s all it took – I wanted to do it too!! This teacher became my mentor in hatching the duck eggs. She told me about Sai from in California. My first concern was that they were all the way across the country from us in NH. These little eggs had to travel 3,000 miles!! How would they possibly make it here safely?

Sai assured me that they would be safe. Sure enough, after ordering, they arrived on time and perfectly safe! The big day was here!! I opened the box with my 4th ) to reveal their beauty. Instantly, the class was hooked!! Following the guide that came with the incubator, we set everything up and waited patiently. During this process, I did have questions, to which Sai was always quick to respond to. I am sure he could tell I was a nervous mother…

Hatching day!! The day finally came and the students and staff were all captivated!! This was an incredible experience for my inner city students who seldom had the chance to visit a farm, never mind witness first hand, the miracle of birth!! (or hatching, in this case!). As with the fundraising to raise money for the incubator, eggs, and other materials, this was a whole-school event. The first egg began to crack and we spent the day awaiting our first baby. I set up a video camera on the incubator so that I could project it onto the whiteboard so everyone could see. While we all sat and watched for a few hours, students (all sixty-five 4th (believe it or not!!) while working in their science notebooks taking notes as they observed and working on the egg packets that they were given. Watching this and the remaining eggs hatch over the next day or two was incredible!! We had a great success rate – 7 out of the 9 viable eggs. It was also amazing to see how the students cared for the new baby ducklings. Other grade levels in the school also had the opportunity to view the different stages of the duck eggs through to observing their swimming and how quickly they grew!! The day to bring them to their new homes was a bit sad, but necessary and everyone involved understood. My husband and I still occasionally get to visit with a few of them. He even gets some of the eggs to eat that now come from our ducks. I can’t bring myself to eat them, but he says they are yummy!!

Overall, this was an incredible experience my 4th realizing it, they learned so much while they had fun!! This will be something I do in my classroom every year, for as long as they allow me to!! grade students (after peeking myself! graders will never forget. …and, without

~ Lisa Anderson, 4th Grade Teacher

In this picture, my students are holding up their ‘Scientists Never Say “Eww” Oath’. We had them all recite the oath and sign with their fingerprint. This helped prevent students from saying yuck or eww when we dissected regular chicken eggs from the grocery store in order to prepare for our duck education.

In the following photos, the students learned about the different elements and vocabulary words about eggs through a hands-on lesson of dissection (store-bought chicken eggs).

This is the bulletin board that the students and I created in order to educate others in the building about what we were learning. They created the egg and all of the elements of it as well as labeled and gave the vocabulary definition. All of the pictures are of our experiencing with the different parts of the chicken eggs.


The candling was awe-inspiring!! Children and adults were mesmerized!! The most incredible part of the experience is when the duckling inside actually move!! When it came to doing the candling, I was the one to hold them. I think it would be way too traumatizing if a student were to drop one. They had the opportunity to hold one, but not during this process.

The Miracle of Hatching!!

The day was finally here!! In this photo is a portion of the 65 students witnessing the eggs hatching. It was amazing to hear the peeps from the ducklings from within. Many members of our staff, including the principal, custodian, secretaries, and many teachers joined us. It was certainly a day of celebration!! Prices Are All Inclusive. (Tax & Shipping to the Continental US is Included )

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