Packaging ( Careful Packaging Is Our Specialty )

Careful packaging is what enables us to bring these fresh, wonderful products to your door. Generally speaking, we don't have any problems with breakage (because of how we package our duck eggs). They're packed with Tender Loving Care. Take a look below...

First, we start out by hand picking the best and freshest eggs available, laid and picked the same day we ship them.

We then line a sturdy shipping box with bubble wrap three times on the bottom for extra cushioning.

The fact is that most often, those eggs never get to feel what that bubble wrap feels like because we fit them snuggly between specially designed foam enclosures. These enclosures are just the right size for nice medium sized duck egg.

Here you see how snugly they fit. There's plenty of space at the top (and at the bottom). These eggs can stand up to the meanest and roughest of postmen (of course, we haven't met too many mean ones yet).

Of course, you know we don't stop there. We have to make sure the top is just as protected, in case someone wants to stack anything heavy on there. We've tried to think of everything here. We also pack in some helpful hints. (On the hatchers, we'll include information on how to hatch them).

Finally, we close them up and make sure that there's a large label stating that the contents are fragile. We want everyone along the way to be careful. Really, we rarely have a problem. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction. We want to make sure that you don't either.

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